Philipp Schwarzbart
Founder & CEO

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Felix Riedel
Marketing & Distribution

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“You CAN have everything you want” …

that is what we figured on New Years Eve in 2014. We were both heading in opposite directions to pursue our careers and build our future. Felix is going for his Dr. in Medicine while Philipp moved to the United States to work as a finance professional in an international corporation.

Nevertheless we both are united by one common dream: our own fashion label.

We started to produce affordable fashion combining high quality and a unique style in order to target young people that like to set trends in today’s world. At first we produced for friends and people we knew. We then continued by expanding our product  line and started supplying local music clubs and bars.

Finally we have reached the point where we were ready for our next big step: our very own online shop.

We are really exited and cannot wait to see what the future still has in store for us!

Immer geil bleiben 😉

Philipp & Felix